About us

A warm welcome to all of you on our Hindi blog aakrit.org. Our website purpose is to make available new information in English language to all of you.

aakrit, how is the answer to all these questions today through the Internet. On aakrit.org you will find Hindi articles in different categories. Our effort is to provide you all the latest information related to Internet, Computer, Career, Health Tips, Technology and Business through this website.

At the time when we established this blog, there was only a few selected websites in Hindi language on the Internet, which provided Hindi creations to the readers. I was in pain too. After which I thought of starting a English blog and started this English website in the name of aakrit.org in Oct 2021.

From then till today the journey has been very good. And in the meantime, with the passage of time, today the number of these English blogs has reached in lakhs, which have started providing English information in different categories. Which is a matter of great happiness and it is a matter of pride for our mother tongue.

I thank all of you readers from the bottom of my heart for visiting our website, and wish you all the best for your future. If you also want to join this website of ours, or want to write for us, then you can feel free to email us.

The sooner we can sleep with you, the sooner we will contact you. If you have any suggestion, you can also contact us on the email given below. Thank you very much for giving us your valuable time.

Our email address is: aakritkesharwani2018@gmail.com

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